Climate Edge uses local data collection to offer tailored information to improve farm management in tropical agriculture. Our team combines science, technology and design to develop our products
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This image shows the two co-founders James (2nd from left) and Paul (4th from left) working alongside Katie Sims from Fairtrade International (1st from right) and  the coffee farmer Anastasio (center) and his colleague (1st from left) who are part of the Soppexcca Cooperative in Nicaragua.

Climate Edge Limited

Bringing Data to Action

Climate Edge uses local data collection, combined with big data learning, to tailor decision support to farmers in tropical agriculture. By taking environmental data at farm level we can identify which conditions are harming quality and quantity of yield. By combining this environmental information with socio-economic information and farmer preferences we can then present producers with range of appropriate management options.

As a social enterprise, Climate Edge is committed to reinvesting the majority of profits back into the company, to ensure that we remain sustainable and are always to achieve our social impact goals
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James Alden

Co-Founder & Managing Director

I have always been drawn to working in the agricultural sector, considering issues like the potential population crisis or vast disparity between producers and consumers. Co-creating Climate Edge was an obvious choice for me and I instantly recognised the significant positive change that our work could have on all aspects of the supply chain.

Prior to establishing Climate Edge I worked as a consultant for the Centre of Environmental Policy at Imperial College and as a renewables consultant for an offshore shipbroking firm.  


Paul Baranowski

Co-Founder & Managing Director

I am fascinated by the process of taking scientific research and turning it into practical changes in how we approach and solve problems. Alongside the other two co-founders I recognise that there is an urgent need to improve the way that smallholder farmers can adapt to the changes they face. Through Climate Edge I am able to develop modern tools and approaches to facilitate that adaptation.

Prior to Climate Edge I have worked for Imperial College on European level projects. I have produced Decision Support Tables to aid decision making in EU fisheries and worked on a range of issues surrounding the development and implementation of integrated pest management.


Peter Baker

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

During my more than 35 years of professional experience in research, training and consultancy in the area of science for development I specialised in coffee and its production from social, economical and environmental perspectives.
I’ve spent many years in Colombia, the Caribbean and Mexico, working as developer, manager and team leader for international Coffee Projects and peer-reviewed over 70 research articles, reviews and books. My recent work for the Coffee & Climate Initiative has been directly related to developing a toolkit of adaptation methods for the threat of climate change.

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Gabriel Brückner

Design Lead

Climate Edge pairs scientific research with design and technology and makes this combination accessible in a smallholder farmer context. Looking at the bigger picture whilst providing an implementable solution is a real game changer in agricultural practices, and I am excited to be a contributor to this transformation.

My interest in creating innovative solutions for an agricultural context began during my Masters Programme at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London. While my degree in Product Design (Germany) has taught me the fundamentals of functional design solutions, my international experience and Global Innovation Design Masters in London has enabled me to approach complex problems with a holistic perspective.



Georgios Zafeiropoulos

Electrical Engineer

Electronics has always been my passion and I have been exposed to various fields within the electronics world, one of them being the embedded systems design. During my studies and as an engineer and in industry, I have designed a variety of such devices for a diverse range of applications.

I was intrigued by the approach of Climate Edge and excited to provide my expertise in the development of an embedded system for collecting local environmental data: the Nexo Data Logger.
Apart from collaborating with Climate Edge, I am currently a doctoral student at Imperial College London, in the field of Bioengineering.


Henry Turner

Computer Scientist

Working with Climate Edge is an exciting opportunity for me to use the skills I had learnt throughout my degree in a real world environment. The project is exciting and it is not often that you get to write software that has the potential to have such a large impact on people’s lives.

Outside of Climate Edge I am in my final year of a Master’s degree in Computing at Imperial College London. Prior to this I wrote and published iPhone applications, having shipped over two hundred thousand copies since my mid teens.