James Alden10 May, 20160

First Pilot: Nicaragua

Climate Edge is excited to present our first pilot project! We are working in Matagalpa, Nicaragua,  in partnership with CLAC (Coordinadora Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Comercio Justo) and Fairtrade International.

At its most basic level this 6 month collaborative project is allowing us to test the tools which we have

Paul Baranowski6 Mar, 20160

The big role of smallholders

The coffee industry is remarkable due to the sheer number of people it affects. The decisions made by smallholder farmers rapidly ricochet up through the regional, national and international levels. In turn, high level governmental policies have an extensive impact on farmers.


Today we focus on an excellent article that highlights the significance

James Alden21 Feb, 20160

Does Big Data mean big progress

Developing an agricultural system that is both productive and sustainable is one of the most pressing tasks that we collectively face.  Unfortunately, breakthroughs seem to be few and far between; demand is growing and the pressures faced by farmers are continuing to worsen. As a result there is a risk

James Alden3 Feb, 20160

Doing Development Differently

Here at Climate Edge we do not believe that progress is best achieved by relying on one source of knowledge.  Alongside our own research we place great importance on talking to and learning from professionals from all disciplines, from farmers to engineers to botanists. One particular medium that has fed

Paul Baranowski2 Feb, 20160

Whats In a Name?

Surprisingly, the process of choosing a name was not as lengthy as we expected. Despite the many nuances and considerations identified in our pilot we had emerged with a firm idea of what we understood to be the scope of the problem, which aspects were a priority and the format

Paul Baranowski1 Feb, 20160

Introducing Climate Edge

Welcome to Climate Edge’s brand new website – I hope you enjoy reading our very first blog post and sign up to become a regular reader of Climate Edge’s newsletter!

Through this blog we aim to give you a more informal introduction to both ourselves as people and as a company.