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Climate Edge develops tools and services for farmers all around the world.
Advanced farm management increases quality and quantity of yield.

The Nexo

For farmers to make complex management decisions they must have access to real time environmental information. The Nexo data logger is the tool for collecting reliable, accurate and standardised environmental farm data at an affordable price.


  • Collects data on the important factors limiting crop production
  • Low cost design ensures accessability to all
  • Robust design stands up to the toughest conditions
  • User centered design ensures the Nexo reduces your workload not adding to it
  • Real-time data transfer gives you the information you need when you need it

Decision Support Software

Our software allows users to focus on what matters – making decisions. By displaying complex data in a user-friendly manner and highlighting what the data means within a wider context we ensure we can move from data to action.


  • Collates multiple sources of data from environmental to farmer preferences
  • Ensures all the data provided is within context and actionable
  • User centered design ensures you can focus on decisions
  • Accessible by SMS, smartphone app or web app

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