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We work with a range of partners that are active at an international, national and community level;
From Business to NGO’s to co-operatives to technicians to farmers.

Where We Work

Fairtrade International & CLAC


We are excited to have completed our first project with Fairtrade International and CLAC in 2016.  With the power of our tools we are helping Fairtrade understand how innovation can help improve production and welfare in communities that have previously had very little technological input.

Many cooperatives have not previously had access to external innovation so this is a perfect opportunity to explore how we can augment their expert knowledge of production with the information that can be generated using our range of tools.

Coffee & Climate

Honduras, Tanzania & Brazil

We are working in partnership with HRNS as part of their initiative for coffee & climate in Honduras, Tanzania and Brazil. Through this project we are developing and testing our approach within a pre-established initiative that has proven experience in helping farmers adapt.  

The farmers and extension agents involved in HRNS’s Coffee and Climate initiative are world leaders when it comes to fighting back against economic and climatic pressures.  So we are excited to be able to add to this already successful project.

Climate Mapping & Adaptation


Coming soon – join our newsletter to be informed of updates.


Imperial College London

With close ties to the Centre of Environmental Policy, we are working with a number of MSc students and graduates on projects ranging from water management to decision theory.

Scientists and Academics


Much of the scientific literature currently available is either heavily outdated or kept hidden for corporate use.  We believe that to make tangible progress in this sector we must improve our understanding.  This is why we are teaming up with academics across the world to answer some of the biggest questions currently limiting development.  We are currently working with academics in South America and at Imperial College, and hope to be able to increase the amount of open research in the future.

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